Cary D. Wintz


African Americans and the Presidency: The Road to the White House
"The election of Barack Obama to the presidency is a landmarrk monument in African American history. But it's a moment tha twas made possibleby the steady, determined work of so many individuals--some recognized, but the majority working completely out of the spotlight to bring about change. . . . This book illuminates the course of that race and documents the contributions of many who laid the groundwork for Obama's victory."
--Rev. Jesse Jackson

The Harlem Renaissance in the American West.
"Cary Wintz and Bruce Glasrud have assembled a long overdue and yet remarkably revealing anthology on the Harlem Renaissance in the West. The authors convincingly establish the Renaissance as part of a national literary and artistic movement with roots in places as disparate as Lawrence, Kansas, Silver City, New Mexico, and Boise, Idaho."
--Quintard Taylor, Scott and Dorothy Bullitt Professor of American History, University of Washington

Harlem Speaks: A Living History of the Harlem Renaissance
“After establishing historical context with essays on the arts, events, locations, and major issues of the Harlem Renaissance, this volume continues with a meaty collection of biographical essays on 21 major figures of the period.... The writing is consistently clear and engaging, supplying plentiful detail and easily understandable analyses of intriguing innovators in a uniquely exciting and volatile place and time.”
--School Library Journal

Black Culture and the Harlem Renaissance
“By exploring the relationship between a community and its literature, Wintz captures the social issues at stake for these young authors as they crossed publication barriers, explored new forms, and wrote with passion about the Black experience in North America”
--Harvard Education Review

African American Political Thought, 1890-1930: Washington, Du Bois, Garvey, and Randolph
“Selected writings from four major figures in African American history demonstrate different and often conflicting approaches to dealing with issues of race in the US in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The articles, essays, letters, and public statements also dispel any notion of simplification or stasis in African American political thought.”

Selected Works

This collection of original essays explores the long hisory of African American candidates for the presidency or vice-presidency. Each chapter takes the story one step further, culminating with Barack Obama's victory in 2008, (with Bruce Glasrud).
An amazing collection of essays that that fundamentally reshapes our understanding of an area of creativity and change that is usually seen through the lens of New York by recasting ourscholarly sights westward, (with Bruce Glasrud).
An intriguing Harlem Renaissance study combining sound and text to bring to life Harlem and its artists.
A pioneering study of Harlem and the literary movement that emerged there in the early 20th century.
The words and thoughts of four dominant African Americans: Washington, Du Bois Garvey, Randolph.